Black Market Bookie Industry to Suffer Dismal Days

Black Market Bookie Industry to Suffer Dismal Days

According to a new study, the shift away from black market bookie industry towards legalized sports betting in the US continues to gain momentum. Millions of Americans opt to wager on legal sportsbooks during the NFL season.

As a result, the illegal sports betting market will suffer from dismal days. According to sources, legal sports betting volumes increased twice its size from the previous year.

New sports wagering states and American players shifting towards legal sports betting platforms resulted in the highest four-day stretch since the start of the NFL season. Many people open a bookie business in preparation for the football season. Experts expect high volumes throughout the season.

Black Market Bookie Industry

Black Market Bookie IndustryThe demand for sports betting in the new markets indicated that consumers have waited for the chance to legally wager on sports. Thus, many people want to learn how to become a bookie during the NFL season.

The recent study showed the growth of the industry within a short period. Also, the industry’s success was due to the cooperation between state regulators and sportsbook operators. They worked hard to prepare for the football season.

There were 58.2 million transactions across eighteen states and District of Columbia between September 9 and September 12. It showed 126 percent increase from the same period last year. Also, states with the highest transaction volumes were Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and Arizona.

Arizona, which dispatched on the opening day of the NFL season, has seen more than 6.1 million transactions from over 271,000 recently made records since Thursday. Arizona showed high demand for sports wagering in the western region of the US. It became the fourth biggest state for sports betting handles in its first weekend.