Bookie Reports – Why Players Prefer In-Play Sports Betting

Bookie Reports – Why Players Prefer In-Play Sports Betting

Sports betting is a growing industry. According to Sports Betting Solution reports, its value is more than $85 billion, and it continues to grow as more states make the activity legal. When it comes to wagering options, the most popular choice is in-play sports betting.

In-play wagering is also known as live or in-running betting. It means that the bookie pay per head software allows players to place their bets as the game is still on-going. Thus, it engages players and makes watching the game more exciting.

In the past, in-play wagering is only available through online sportsbooks. However, there are now retail locations that offer the betting option. Some bookies accept in-game wagers via the phone. However, it is still best to do it online.

In-Play Sports Betting

Bookie Reports – Why Players Prefer In-Play Sports BettingIn-game betting is one thing you need to know when you learn how to be a bookie. In-play betting allows sportsbooks to offer various odds. The probability of the in-game event happening will come from an algorithm programmed into the bookie pay per head software.

The sports betting operator would enter the desired vig to the algorithm, and the software would come up with the lines offered to players.

In-game wagering requires quick decisions. Most of the time, you only have a couple of seconds to place a bet before the odd is gone. Some in-game odds are available between ten to twenty seconds.

If you are a player, you need to know traditional betting before trying out in-play wagering. Also, you should know the status of both sides. That way, it is easier to predict what odds the sportsbook will offer.

Another thing to consider is your betting account funds. Before the game, make sure you have enough money to cover in-game betting. Once you are used to this betting type, you can try doing it on multiple sites.