Cambodia Issues Casino Licenses and Deals with Chinese Triad

Cambodia Issues Casino Licenses and Deals with Chinese Triad

Present-day Cambodia seems like Las Vegas in the early 1930s. After the government legalized gambling, it sold 163 casino licenses. As a result, the country earned revenue from the gambling industry. In fact, Cambodia is turning into a Chinese-ran casino hub in Southeast Asia.

However, the casino boom brought bad stuff to the country. The presence of casinos led to increased corruption, general crimes, pollution, and violence. According to PPH sportsbook rumors, the Chinese Triad gangs rule the town of Sihanoukville.

Industry news reported the fast transformation of the country. In just a couple of years, Cambodia transformed from a lesser known Asian country to a tourist destination. In fact, Sihanoukville was a backwater town. Today, it is a casino hot spot that’s a favorite of high rollers, expat workers, investors, and Triad gangs.

Casino Licenses Lead to Boom in the Gambling Industry

Cambodia Issues Casino Licenses and Deals with Chinese TriadHundreds of hotel resorts and casinos sprung up in Cambodia. Most of them are owned and operated by Chinese companies. Investors from China saw the opportunity to own a piece of the gambling market, which is not allowed in their country. With other countries reaching market saturation, Cambodia is an attractive investment opportunity for Chinese investors.

The government doesn’t allow Cambodians to gamble. As a result, you’ll find small Chinatown areas throughout Cambodian cities with casinos. Although Cambodians can work in casinos, most of them don’t speak Mandarin. That’s why they can’t find work in casinos.

White label sports betting experts report there are more than 16,000 Chinese nationals who got permits to work in Cambodia. Most of them were part of various casino construction projects. In fact, the Immigration Department of the country estimated around 78,000 Chinese living in Sihanoukville alone. Most of them without any work permit.

With the increase of Chinese-operated casinos, there’s also an increase in the number of violent crimes in the country. According to reports, Triad gangs beat up Chinese casino visitors with little to no interference from the police. Becoming an online bookie in Cambodia is easy with the lax regulations and control from authorities. Wannabe-bookies don’t need casino licenses to operate.