Cubs Plan for a Wrigley Field Sportsbook

Cubs Plan for a Wrigley Field Sportsbook

The Chicago Cubs is planning for a Wrigley Field sportsbook. It will be a retail sportsbook that comes with betting windows and kiosks. The team signed a partnership deal with DraftKings to operate a sportsbook within the park or in the Wrigleyville.

Chicago Cubs are the first Major League team to announce the opening of a sportsbook within their stadium. According to the Cubs, there’s a growing number of fans who want to incorporate sports betting into their live game experience.

That’s why the Cubs are planning to have a retail sportsbook at the venue. However, the exact location of the retail sportsbook is still unknown. Also, there are some regulatory steps that the Cubs and DraftKings need to comply with.

Wrigley Field Sportsbook

Cubs Plan for a Wrigley Field SportsbookThe announcement didn’t provide a timeline for the retail sportsbook in Wrigley Field. According to sportsbook pay per head reports, the Cubs need to get development approval from Chicago. Also, DraftKings needs to apply for a master sports betting license with the Illinois Gaming Board.

Based on the best white label sportsbook solution, the Cubs and DraftKings didn’t disclose details of their partnership. Thus, nobody knows about the revenue sharing between the two parties. One thing that’s sure is that DraftKings is now the official daily fantasy and sports betting partner of the Chicago Cubs.

At present, DraftKings is already offering mobile and in-person betting in the state through Casino Queen. However, having a sportsbook at the sports facility will be a big step for the company and the Major League.

DraftKings is excited about having a massive presence in a major sports betting market. Also, they think it would be the largest sportsbook in the US, even if all states legalize sports betting. At present, 18 states and DC have legal sportsbooks.

DraftKings should be the inspiration for bookie wannabes. If you are targeting players in Asia, make sure you use sports betting software for the Asian market. That way, you’ll get the most out of the bookie business.