Florida Sports Betting is Dead Until 2025

Florida Sports Betting is Dead Until 2025

Last updated on January 29th, 2022 at 07:59 am

Legal Florida sports betting is a victim of an unconstitutional gaming compact and a poorly executed ballot initiative. As a result, the industry died. FanDuel and DraftKings are pushing for a sports wagering question on the Florida ballot. However, they failed to collect the required number of signatures.

Florida Election Champions has recently over a portion of the 891,589 substantial marks (8 percent of the vote in the last official political race) needed to procure a voting form spot with under 96 hours to go before the clock lapses. The gathering has 479,193 substantial marks, as indicated by information given by the Florida Division of Elections. The cutoff time is Tuesday, February 1.

Florida Education Champions yielded rout Friday, saying it had assembled more than 1 million marks. Unfortunately for them, the local boards of election in the 67 counties are responsible for verifying the signatures.

Florida Sports Betting Status

Florida Sports Betting is Dead Until 2025The next opportunity to get a statewide sports wagering question on the ballot will be in the 2024 elections. That implies no lawful online bookie software operations in the state until something like 2025. Then, everything begins once again from zero in the following political decision cycle.

This drive to authorize mobile sports betting solution in Florida was ill-fated from the beginning. It didn’t start until June 2021 and faced opposition from the Seminole Tribe. Ads and mails targeted residents to sign the petitions. Instead, the Tribe countered at essentially every open door, subsidizing plugs that cautioned citizens about out-of-state betting interests.

The solitary expect lawful games wagering in Florida will be through the Seminole Tribe in the following three years. A state and Tribe endorsed a 30-year compact sanctioned last year permitting online sports wagering. However, a federal judge nullified it in November. That case presently sits in a government appeals court. No consultation dates have been set. As a result, the Tribe didn’t have a chance to become a successful bookie.

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