Gambling Software News – Philippines Rejects China’s Call to Stop Online Gambling

Gambling Software News – Philippines Rejects China’s Call to Stop Online Gambling

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told bookie software reporters that online gambling will continue in his country. As a result, he formally rejected China’s call to stop online gambling operations in the Southeast Asian nation.

Duterte said the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators industry generates billions of pesos and jobs benefiting the country. On the other hand, Beijing is calling it as a way to launder money and cause social problems in China.

The president told per head sportsbook reporters that the Philippines needs POGOs. Many people will lose their jobs if he accepted the call to stop online gambling. Duterte’s recent comments are his clearest position on the subject. In the past, there were uncertainties about the president’s stance on online gambling.

No Need to Stop Online Gambling

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said last Friday that Duterte will study the call to stop online gambling from Chinese President Xi Jinping. Duterte said he listened to his Chinese counterpart out of courtesy. However, he decided not to heed the request.

Duterte told sports betting software insiders that his decision was based on the best interest of his country. In the past, Duterte had a strong anti-gambling stance.

China bans all types of gambling, except for the casinos in Macau. Beijing said the POGOs in the Philippines is targeting Chinese nationals. As a result, Beijing called for the total ban on online gambling. They described it as a dangerous tumor in modern society.

POGOs flourished under the Duterte administration. In fact, the government expects it to deliver around $154 million in license fees alone. Also, the online gambling industry helps improve condominium sales and office rentals in Metro Manila.

At present, the online gambling industry has around 350,000 employees. More than 100,000 of them are Chinese nationals doing customer service and marketing tasks. Duterte said his government will strictly supervise the industry.