Genius Sports Signed Deal with Brazilian Online Sportsbook Betsul

Genius Sports Signed Deal with Brazilian Online Sportsbook Betsul

Last updated on May 7th, 2022 at 04:11 pm

Genius Sports announced it signed a deal with Brazilian online sportsbook Betsul. According to per head sportsbook providers, it is the biggest online sports betting platform operating in Latin America.

Betsul will benefit from Genius Sports’ complete suite sportsbook software solution. Some features of its outsourced services include LiveTrading, Risk, and PreMatch. Also, the company can help Betsul maximize its margins, control, and turnover.

The Brazilian sportsbook will also have access to a live streaming service that delivers low-latency broadcasts of sporting events.

Brazilian Online Sportsbook Betsul and Genius Sports

Genius Sports Signed Deal with Brazilian Online Sportsbook BetsulPart of the deal is Genius Sports’ portfolio of Brazilian sports content. Thus, Betsul can offer live streams and accurate pricing on basketball, futsal, beach volleyball, basketball, football, and other sports via official partnerships with local Brazilian leagues. They include the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation, Brazilian National Basketball League, and Liga Nacional de Futsal.

Brazil is trying to regulate sports betting via the Ministry of Economy. It is currently finalizing the licensing requirements to allow people to open a sportsbook in the country. Also, insiders estimate that gross betting income for the controlled market in Brazil would reach up to $1 billion by 2026.

Genius Sports said that the Brazilian sports wagering market would experience explosive growth under a competitive and transparent regulatory system. Also, it combines the company’s Brazilian sports content, live trading, and streaming services capabilities.

On the other hand, Betsul is happy to sign a deal with Genius Sports. They hope that they can grow together in the next couple of years.

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