Governor Wants to Modernize Arizona Gaming Compact

Governor Wants to Modernize Arizona Gaming Compact

Last updated on January 16th, 2021 at 04:44 pm

Governor Doug Ducey asked legislators to modernize Arizona gaming compact. He said that it would lead to the legalization of fantasy sports and sports betting. During his State of the State address, the governor said that he would discuss the possibility of creating a new gaming deal with tribal nations with lawmakers.

Ducey said that the new gaming compact would bring additional revenue for the state budget and the tribal nations. Coronavirus pandemic impacted the state and tribal nations last year. The current agreements will expire in a couple of years.

The new compact can maintain the current culture of gaming in Arizona. Also, it would increase the revenue to the State and the tribes. According to a sports betting platform, the new agreements would make sports betting, keno, and fantasy sports legal in the State. The governor said that the activities would be well-regulated and limited.

Modernize Arizona Gaming Compact

Governor Wants to Modernize Arizona Gaming CompactAccording to sportsbook pay per head sources, Governor Ducey said that sports betting would be available online. Mobile devices would be part of the State’s sports betting industry in the future. The modernized compact would also bring growth to the gaming industry in the State.

Arizona lawmakers considered a proposal to legalize sports betting during the 2020 legislative session. Senate Bill 1525 plans to regulate retail sports betting at tribal casinos. Also, SB 1525 would allow sports wagering in bars. However, the bill didn’t progress in the Senate.

Out of the 22 recognized Indian tribes in Arizona, 16 operate casinos. SB 1525 proposed a 6.75 percent tax on sports betting revenue.

SB 1525 and the governor’s proposal would limit sports betting in tribal casinos. Thus, becoming a bookie in Arizona will be restricted to tribal casinos. The governor is hopeful that lawmakers would consider passing the law this year.