Japanese Regulator Begins in January

Japan Gambling

Last updated on November 10th, 2019 at 09:24 am

Asia enjoys a huge gambling market. With its vast geography, there are hundreds of gaming options from gamblers all over the continent. Casino games are widely popular, both in casinos and through online channels. Sports betting is also gaining much more popularity, leading to a jump in active pay per head sportsbook operations.

Japan is also finally taking new steps in developing their gambling industry. The Casino Administration Committee, which is the regulatory body of Japan for gaming matters, will start on January 7, 2020. The committee will be composed of a chair with four members, all of which will serve in terms of up to five years.

Japanese Regulator and Its Duties

Japan GamblingThe regulatory body will be responsible for oversight in casino licensing as well as operations. They will also be in charge of other responsibilities like issuing and revoking licenses. The government aims to implement strict conditions for regulating the gambling industry. Even the licensing process will include strict background checks for key personnel of would-be operators.

As for policies on gambling matters such as payouts and the like, the Committee will be studying and using the policies of other gambling markets as a reference. Nevada comes up as one of the possible areas they can tap. After all, everyone who is into gambling, or would want to know how to be a bookie, knows that Nevada, Vegas, in particular, is practically the heart of gambling in the Americas, perhaps even the world.

In line with the Japanese gambling industry plans, the Integrated Resort Development Act will also be implemented by January 26. A lot of gambling operators and local prefectures have been looking forward to this. Once selected, prefectures will be able to develop IR’s that will boost their local economies. They will be partnering with licensed gambling operators. Much like any PPH bookie, gambling operators want to provide their customers with a high-quality gambling experience. This means that the IR’s to be constructed will have amenities for hotels, leisure, entertainment, and retail facilities.