Macau Betting Update – Poker King Club Remains Closed

Macau Betting Update - Poker King Club Remains Closed

Although Macau casinos can resume their operations starting February 20, Poker King Club decided to stay closed for now. According to the poker room operator, their decision to remain closed was due to the guidelines from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau.

Poker King Club told pay per head news outlets that the regulator reduced the number of gaming tables at casinos. Also, each table will be limited to a maximum of four players at a time. The regulator came up with the new rules to reduce the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus.

As a result, the poker room at Venetian Macau will remain closed. The company didn’t say when they will start their operations again. However, it is better to be safe than sorry in the future.

Poker King Club in Macau

Macau Betting Update - Poker King Club Remains ClosedThe poker room operator organizes events across Asia. Aside from the one in Venetian Macau, it runs three other poker establishments – two in the Philippines and one in South Korea. Those three are open despite the cases of novel coronavirus in both countries. As of today, South Korea is the most infected country outside China, with 556 cases of coronavirus.

The Macau casino regulator told betting software solution providers that only 29 out of the 39 licensed casinos in the city reopened last February 20. The casinos will have around 1,800, which was below 30 percent of the gaming tables in Macau.

The Macau government reopened the casinos under special rules to control the density of customers at gaming tables. Also, the rules will provide adequate space between tables. The new measures placed restrictions on the maximum number of players per table. Thus, there will be an empty seat between players. In a seven-seat table, there will only be three to four players at a time.

Now is not the time to operate poker rooms and casinos in Macau as the region is still trying to control the spread of coronavirus. As a result, many players flock to online sportsbooks and casinos for their gambling needs. It is the right time to check requirements to be a bookie and start an online sportsbook.