Sportsbook and Casino News – Mass Play is More than Half of Macau Casino GGR

Sportsbook and Casino News – Mass Play is More than Half of Macau Casino GGR

According to the latest reports, Macau got most of its casino gross gaming revenue in 2019 from mass play. It is the result of the stable development of the segment. The new Secretary of Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong released the report to local media last Friday.

Lei is part of the new Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng’s administration that came into office last December 20. He told sportsbook pay per head news sites that the mass gambling segment contributed 54 percent of Macau’s GGR in 2019. The remaining 46 percent came from high rollers.

Also, the mass play market’s revenue increased by 17 percent in 2019. On the other hand, VIP play dropped by 19 percent. The sustainability of the gambling industry depends on the stable development of the mass gaming sector. It will help make Macau stay competitive despite the aggressive expansion of the gambling industry in other Asian markets.

Mass Play and a Healthy Economy

Sportsbook and Casino News – Mass Play is More than Half of Macau Casino GGRLei described Macau’s employment market as healthy. Also, he claimed that there’s a stable growth in visitor numbers of the city. He is optimistic about the gambling hub’s growth in 2020 in terms of overall economic performance. One of the factors of growth is the opening of new casino resorts.

In a related note, analysts estimated that VIP play contributions in Macau would drop to around 42 percent. However, the steady growth of the mass market will help the city’s overall revenue. It depends on the timing of the opening of new venues in the market.

Casino operators in Macau have no plans to open a sportsbook website. China has a strict policy regarding online gambling. As a result, you can’t expect online sportsbooks and casinos operating in the territory any time soon. For those activities, you can head to Raymond Cruz Costa Rica instead.

Lei said that the administration would work on regulating the gambling industry that will help Macau’s economic growth. The new administrators hope to introduce new approaches regarding policies for the future.