Million Dollar Mystery Bounty Event

Million Dollar Mystery Bounty Event

Last updated on August 21st, 2022 at 05:00 am

GGPoker is pushing the limits of online poker with what pay per head reviews described as the craziest online poker tournament in history. The Million Dollar Mystery Bounty event will have guaranteed prize money of $10 million.

The total prize money will be more than $1 million according to what its name is. Thus, one fortunate GGPoker player has the chance to win $1 million in bounties. It would be the same as when Matt Glantz won the $1 million mystery bounty during the offline WSOP event in Las Vegas. However, it would be an online event this time around.

According to online bookie pay per head software experts, the event will have a $210 buy-in. Also, there are satellite events that players can join for as little as $1. Thus, players have a chance to turn their $1 into a million dollars.

Million Dollar Mystery Bounty Event

Million Dollar Mystery Bounty EventThe Mystery Bounty Event has a couple of dozen satellites remaining. Also, they run a few times daily until August 22, the event’s last day. Every Day 1 expenses $210 to join. After that, $100 goes to the prize pool, another $100 to the bounty, and $10 to event fees. According to bookie pay per head reports, GGPoker ensures the bounty prize pool will tip the scales at $5 million, with the top award being a cool $1 million.

The competition plays out like others you have played on GGPoker; your definitive objective is to arrive on Day 2 on August 22. You can play however many Day 1s as you wish and reemerge a limitless number of times for the rest of the fourteenth level of each flight. It is beneficial to make however many efforts your bankroll permits since all your passing stacks are consolidated and taken through with you to Day 2; you could have a super stack as the last stage starts!

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