New California Sports Betting Poll Shows Defeat of Prop 27

New California Sports Betting Poll Shows Defeat of Prop 27

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 at 04:08 am

Sportsbooks are facing a difficult battle as a new California sports betting poll showed a negative voter trend on Proposition 27. The Public Institute of California poll revealed that voters would likely reject the online sports wagering legislation.

Prop 27 would make online sports wagering in the state legal. However, it would be an uphill battle for sportsbooks that support the legislation. On the other hand, the No on 27 coalition sees the poll result as a confirmation that voters are on their side.

According to the coalition, sportsbooks spent over $160 million on their deceptive marketing campaign. In addition, they said that voters disagree with the out-of-state gambling firms supporting Prop 27.

New California Sports Betting Poll Not in Favor of Prop 27

New California Sports Betting Poll Shows Defeat of Prop 27The survey didn’t cover voter intentions on Prop 26, which limits sports betting to retail sportsbooks at tribal casinos and race tracks. According to sports betting software reports, it doesn’t have a provision for online sports betting.

In a subsequent public statement on Thursday, the No on 27 coalition said its expansive, bipartisan alliance increased its membership to 300. According to sportsbook pay per head experts, the coalition opposes legislation sponsored by sportsbooks.

There is a short time before the November elections. Thus, major sportsbook operators supporting Prop 27 are facing a tough fight.

Disapproval of Prop 27 could hurt bettors who are already betting on sports via offshore sportsbook pay per head. Also, it goes against the results of other sports betting ballot measures in other states.

According to bookie PPH experts, Prop 27 could bring in millions of dollars in tax revenues annually. Most of the income will fund mental health care and homelessness programs.

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