Police Summons K-pop Star Seungri for Betting Charges

Police Summons K-pop Star Seungri for Betting Charges

The police summoned former Big Bang member for questioning. They questioned K-pop star Seungri about his alleged overseas gambling. The former idol arrived at the police station dressed in formal attire.

K-pop star Seungri avoided answering questions from the journalists who welcomed him outside the police investigative unit. Most questions were about the allegation he frequented casinos in foreign countries, according to gambling news outlets. Also, they asked about securing gambling funds illegally.

It is the second time the police summoned Seungri for questioning. The first time was on August 28. Right after that, he apologized for worrying his supporters. Also, he said he will tell the truth at the investigations. It was not the first time the former idol got into trouble with the law, according to bookie pay per head news.

K-pop Star Seungri Gambling Problems

Police Summons K-pop Star Seungri for Betting ChargesLast month, police authorities booked Seungri and Yang Hyun-suk, former CEO of YG Entertainment. YGE is the agency managing Big Bang, Seungri’s former group. Police charged Yang and Seungri of violating Foreign Exchange Transactions Act and illegal gambling.

Before the illegal gambling allegations, there were complaints of pimping and embezzlement charges against Seungri. In fact, he stopped all his idol activities in March after a nightclub he was involved with was investigated for sexual abuse and drug charges.

According to police reports obtained by a pay per head provider, Seungri and Yang colluded and gambled illegally at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas 11 times in the past five years. Officials are looking at how the two siphoned money for their gambling activities.

are got documents from YG Entertainment to find out whether they used company money for gambling. However, the police didn’t want to comment on an ongoing investigation. Seungri’s problems are one of the most complicated scandals to hit the K-pop industry, according to betting software sources.