Regulators to Overrule the Massachusetts Sportsbook Affiliates Ban

Regulators to Overrule the Massachusetts Sportsbook Affiliates Ban

Last updated on February 26th, 2023 at 05:44 am

Massachusetts’ current gambling laws don’t allow cost-per-acquisition and revenue share agreements. However, the gaming commission plans to amend the Massachusetts sportsbook affiliates ban. They will vote on the amendment on March 23.

Sportsbooks such as Caesars have extensive affiliate programs. Therefore, the amendment to the rule would be advantageous to them.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission doesn’t allow sportsbook operators to enter into third-party agreements when compensation relies on the volume of wagers, bet results, or the number of clients. As a result, the rules restricted traditional affiliate schemes, branding, and marketing opportunities.

Massachusetts Sportsbook Affiliates Ban

According to bookie pay per head reports, the MGC recently announced plans to update this rule to make possible cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and revenue-share arrangements. The agency did not explain the reasoning behind its about-face. The Commission’s verdict may have been swayed by the fact that several prominent operators readying themselves for the March 10 launch of online sports betting run significant affiliate networks.

The Massachusetts authority is wary despite its first approval. The MGC stated it would meet with impacted firms’ representatives on February 26 to address the issue at length, collect the relevant data, and evaluate the general opinion towards existing actions. The Commission will vote on the proposed modifications on March 23 and publish its verdict shortly after that.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has been focusing almost entirely on getting online sports betting up and running without hiccups since March 10. The ongoing efforts don’t seem to interfere with its core role since it has just addressed its first operator infractions. Moreover, the push to permit online bookie software affiliates demonstrates the regulator’s versatility, which augurs well for the future.

Many significant businesses anticipate the internet rollout would gain significantly from a repeal of the affiliate prohibitions currently in place. Because of the importance of such initiatives to Caesars, the casino would gain the most from the proposed changes. In addition, the company has released its sports betting app, giving punters a taste of what’s to come.

Many people will be interested to learn how to open a sportsbook in Massachusetts once regulators allow affiliate marketing. Sportsbooks can easily attract new players through affiliate programs.

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