Software News: Macau Gambling Staff Shortage Seen by 2020

Software News: Macau Gambling Staff Shortage Seen by 2020

There will be a Macau gambling staff shortage of more than 7,000 workers by 2020. According to gambling industry reports, it is due to the current low unemployment rate, In addition, here’s a low number of skilled workers in the Chinese territory. At present, there’s a huge demand for mid-level managers.

Talents Development Committee told sports betting software providers that the gaming industry of the city will need around 7,500 workers by next year. In recent years, Macau enjoyed full employment.

Macau requires many imported employees to maintain its hospitality and gaming sectors. However, the local government controls the number of non-residents who can work in the city. To compensate for the lack of foreign workers, the government has policies to improve skill development and training opportunities for locals. That way they can have upward mobility within the workforce.

Macau Gambling Staff Shortage

Software News: Macau Gambling Staff Shortage Seen by 2020In the last quarter of 2018, the gaming industry of Macau had 57,246 full-time workers. This was an increase of 1.1 percent from the previous year. The committee posted job positions that have high demand since 2018. In addition, it said that the demand will remain until 2020.

According to the data from the committee, mid-management positions with high demand include deputy managers, credit supervisors, assistant supply chain managers, medical doctors, and staff trainers, just to name a few.

At present, the middle management of the Macau gaming industry is composed of local ID holders. In 2017, 383 locals held senior management roles in the gaming industry or 76.8 percent of the total posts.

The government wants to increase the number of locals in middle and senior management roles in the gambling industry to 85 percent by 2020. However, there’s a shortage in the number of qualified locals for senior-management posts according to sportsbook software experts. The only way to solve the issue is by training local middle managers to move up the workforce.