Sports Betting Industry News: Mongolian Government Workers Banned from Casinos

Sports Betting Industry News: Mongolian Government Workers Banned from Casinos

Mongolian government workers are not allowed to step inside any gambling venue at home or overseas. In addition, they can’t stay in any gambling establishments. This is according to the head of the Mongolian cabinet secretariat Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene.

Oyun-Erdene told gambling news reporters that some high-ranking officials of state-owned firms played in casinos overseas. Civil servants found guilty of breaking this rule will face dismissal from service.

At present, there are no legal casinos in Mongolia. However, there was a time when the country thought of loosening up its gambling industry. The country has a lot of potentials, being in the middle of mainland China and Russia.

Mongolian Government Workers and Nation’s Gambling Industry

Sports Betting Industry News: Mongolian Government Workers Banned from CasinosOver four years ago, lawmakers had draft legislation that will allow private partnerships to construct two casinos in Mongolia. According to the Ministry of Justice, the casinos are only for foreign gamblers. The law bans locals from entering them. Instead, they will cater to Chinese gamblers.

A sports betting software distributor said that Japanese, Chinese, and Russians are some of the biggest gamblers in the world. Also, residents of China, Russia, and Japan don’t need to get a visa to enter Mongolia. This will make Mongolia the ideal gambling destination.

The casinos could have improved the economy of the country. By becoming a gambling hub, it can attract gamblers from Asia and the rest of the world.

However, the legislation didn’t push through. As a result, Mongolians go out of the country to gamble in casinos. Residents also choose to play on online casinos with reputable betting software. Online casinos are not regulated in the country, which makes it free for everyone to access gambling websites.

At present, the only legal gambling choice for Mongolians is the National Lottery. This is a shame considering many residents of Mongolia want to enjoy gambling during their free time.