Trouble Brewing Over Maine Bookie Bill Proposal

Trouble Brewing Over Maine Bookie Bill Proposal

Last updated on April 17th, 2022 at 03:51 am

Governor Janet Mills supports the Maine bookie bill proposal. According to reports, the bill would put legal sports betting under the control of the tribes. However, the Senate wants casinos to be part of the market.

According to sportsbook pay per head solution experts, the House progressed a Governor Mills proposition to refresh the state’s compact with the Wabanaki tribes on Friday. Alongside conceding four mobile sports wagering licenses to the tribes, the bundle would help tribal court powers.

Senator Joe Baldacci, likewise on Friday, divulged another recommendation that would allow mobile wagering licenses to the two casinos in the state and the tribes.

For one or the other measure to pass, the two chambers should pass a similar bill by April 20, the last day of the 2022 authoritative meeting. It’s hazy whether Mills would sign any games wagering measure that doesn’t give clans 100 percent control.

Maine Bookie Bill Proposal

Trouble Brewing Over Maine Bookie Bill ProposalAgents of the state’s casinos opposed Mill’s proposal. They called it an attack on their business. The Sports Betting Alliance, a gaming lobbying group, has stood against limiting the web-based market to four operators. As a result, the best bookie software might not be able to set foot in the state.

According to sources, Baldacci represents Bangor, home of the Hollywood Casino Hotel and Raceway.

Mills promised to work on tribal relations since becoming the governor in 2019. Also, she opposed expanding tribal sovereignty.

That action, currently passed by the House and Senate, would upgrade tribal authority over regular assets and absolve them from paying state or neighborhood charges on their properties.

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