US Casino Firms Bet on Japan

US Casino Firms Bet on Japan

Japan enacted a law allowing casinos in the country. As a result, many US casino firms are trying to enter the new gambling market. The integrated resorts law allows only three casino resort developments in the country.

Due to the low supply of casino licenses, US casino firms are expecting high returns of their investments. According to the latest bookie pay per head software estimates, the potential market will be worth $19 billion a year.

Expectations are high for the Japanese casino resorts. Also, the Japanese government expects casinos to bring economic benefits, including jobs to local communities. However, there are also concerns about increasing gambling addiction.

US Casino Firms Stake in Japan Casinos

US Casino Firms Bet on JapanWynn Resorts Development told a bookie software solution site that they are going to construct the largest integrated resort in Japan. However, they still don’t know the actual location will be. Some cities considered to be top contenders for casinos include Osaka, Yokohama, and Tokyo.

An integrated resort is an entertainment complex with casinos, shopping malls, hotels, theme parks, and theaters. Also, the Japan government will announce the exact locations for the IRs next year.

Wynn proposed integrating spaces for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. To ease the concerns of the local community, Wynn pointed at what they did with the area surrounding the Encore Boston Harbor.

The company is paying for the additional police officers in the area. Also, they are spending $65 million on road improvements around the casino resort. It included a waterfront that’s open to the public.

In June, seven casino firms are competing against each other for the right to be Osaka’s partner in operating the integrated resorts. Under IR law, casino resorts will start operating in the middle of 2020.

The bad news is that sports betting is not part of the new Japan integrated resort law. If you want to know how to be a bookie, Japan is not the country for you.