Pay Per Head Solutions

Complete Pay Per Head Solutions for Your Sportsbook

One of the best reasons why bookies prefer Pay Per Head software is the low cost of maintaining a sportsbook. Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars hiring your own team to create your sportsbook, you can simply sign up and start your own sportsbook. But one of the bigger concerns is not just cost, but the quality of the online bookie software that you will use.

And since pay per head services are more affordable, quality can be easily dismissed. But we at Sports Betting Solution Asia can deliver top quality sportsbook pay per head services at a very affordable fixed rate. The fee is as simple as counting your active players per week, and multiplying it by $5. It is a flat rate that provides everything that you need

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Our PayPerHead software ensures a smoothly-run sportsbook that is secure, with hardly any down time. As a bookie, you will be able to see everything about your sportsbook operation in the agent dashboard. From here, you can see and adjust the lines of the many betting options from hundreds of sports events. Our bookies also get free access to our report management system. Here, you can generate your customized report that will detail your sportsbook activity- wagers, player activity, and more.

Its as easy as signing up, creating player profiles, setting limits, and inviting your players to log in. No more tedious meetings and mountains of money needed to get what you want. For only $5 per head, you get your very own sportsbook in minutes. You get premium sportsbook software, 24/7 customer service, and more.

Open a Sportsbook for only $5 per Player