Kentucky Won Against Arkansas, Earns 3rd Seed in SEC Tournament

Kentucky Won Against Arkansas, Earns 3rd Seed in SEC Tournament

Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 07:29 am

Kentucky won against Arkansas Saturday. As a result, the Wildcats earned the 3rd seed in the SEC Tournament. The Kentucky Wildcats came in prepared for a physical game against the Arkansas Razorbacks and prevailed in the end.

The first half of the match featured dunks, technical fouls, and several elbows to the face. Also, the half ended with a 40-36 score in favor of the Wildcats. The second half saw Davonte Davis of Arkansas get a double technical. Thus, the referees ejected him from the game. In addition, he got two technical fouls for shouting at officials after a foul.

Antonio Reeves made all four technical free throws to give Kentucky a 48-39 lead. Also, Reeves scored eleven points in a row. Both teams played like it was already the finals, to the delight of basketball fans.

Kentucky Won Against Arkansas

Kentucky Won Against Arkansas, Earns 3rd Seed in SEC TournamentCason Wallace, who suffered an ankle injury in Tuesday night’s defeat to the Vanderbilt Commodores, did not play in today’s game as the Cats continue to struggle with a slew of injuries.

CJ Fredrick, Antonio Reeves, Chris Livingston, Jacob Toppin, and Oscar Tshiebwe started for Kentucky without Sahvir Wheeler and a natural point guard.

Although Antonio Reeves played point guard at Illinois State, he is not the best ball handler or distributor. Therefore, he has been demoted to the role of emergency point guard this season. However, according to reports, Reeves and Toppin took the initiative in the offensive zone for most of the game.

Overall, Kentucky did an excellent job protecting the ball, headed by Reeves and Toppin. Toppin’s unexpected agility with the ball at his stature helped him frequently break the press for the Cats. Conversely, Reeves’ point guard duties did not hinder his scoring.

Only because of those two people was there ever a game. PPH bookie reports said they played with no inhibitions and left it all on the court.

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