NBA Trade Rumors – Cousins Departing the Rockets

NBA Trade Rumors – Cousins Departing the Rockets

Last updated on February 21st, 2021 at 12:46 am

DeMarcus Cousins didn’t show his full potential playing for Houston in the NBA. According to the recent NBA trade rumors, the big man is on his way out of the Rockets. In the first eleven games of the season, he had a dismal average of 6.1 points. Also, he shot a low 26 percent from the field.

In the last 14 games, he increased his average to 12 points and shooting 44 percent. In his final game as a Rocket, he scored 19 points, four assists, and eight rebounds. He was terrible in defense due to his limited mobility. Also, he had a questionable shot selection and injury-prone.

On the upside, Cousins is a moderately productive NBA player. It is rare to find one available in the market in February. Although Cousins lost his superstar status, he is the most attractive player in the market at this time. Thus, he is attracting a lot of attraction from various teams.

NBA Trade Rumors

NBA Trade Rumors – Cousins Departing the RocketsAccording to live betting software reports, the Los Angeles Lakers gambled with Cousins last season. However, he didn’t play for LA due to a torn ACL that kept him out of the active roster for the entire season.

In February, LA waived him to make room in the team’s salary cap. However, the team is interested in Cousins as per the best sports betting software sources. The Lakers are willing to bring Cousins back to LA.

According to online gambling products experts, the Lakers need a big man with Anthony Davis out with injury. Even if Davis returns, Cousins compliments Davis, as seen with their time together in New Orleans.

Also, it was Davis who recruited Cousins to LA in 2019. The only question is how Frank Vogel will use Cousins in the rotation. He can’t play Cousins with March Gasol because the two players will be too slow to defend appropriately.