Liverpool Football Club Wants to Play in New York

Liverpool Football Club Wants to Play in New York

Last updated on June 8th, 2024 at 07:53 am

With its passionate and sizable fanbase in New York City, Liverpool Football Club is eager to bring the thrill of a Premier League match to their supporters in the Big Apple. Liverpool chairman Tom Werner’s determination to schedule a Premier League game in NYC is a testament to the strong bond between the team and its fans.

The latest soccer news brings to light a potential challenge in the form of team owner John Henry’s reservations about a league match in the United States. As the owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball club, his decision could significantly influence the outcome. However, Liverpool FC is not one to shy away from challenges and is actively working to address these concerns.

While you won’t see any Premier League matches outside of the United Kingdom anytime soon, you could see English clubs play “friendlies” in other countries. Liverpool vs. Arsenal in Philadelphia on July 5th for an exhibition match is still available for purchase.

Liverpool Football Club in New York

Liverpool Football Club Wants to Play in New YorkFIFA resolved an antitrust case in the Southern District of New York. It might have enabled foreign teams to compete outside their usual bounds and stoked speculation about Premier League matches being played in the United States. Before that takes place, you can start a soccer betting business.

To commemorate Premier League competitiveness, Werner said he wanted to see the best English clubs play games in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Los Angeles at least an hour apart. However, he acknowledges that English supporters may resist the notion and require monetary incentives to come to the United States to cheer for their teams.

The Reds, the nickname for Liverpool’s football club, had a promising beginning to the Premier League season but faded towards the conclusion, finishing a dismal third place. The league ended last month. Manchester City, a New York Football Club affiliate that plays at Yankee Stadium, took first place.

Because Liverpool supporters are five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, several New York City pubs open early to allow them to watch games played in northwest England. Many LFNYC members and supporters frequent the 11th Street Bar in the East Village. As far as the United States is concerned, that organization claims to be “the oldest Liverpool FC Supporters Club.”

The Most Engaged Club in the Premier League

During 2023–24, Liverpool FC’s creative social media platforms attracted 11.9 billion views, making them the most-viewed club on social media. The club also had the most engaged fans, with over 1.5 billion interactions. With a 39% rise from the previous season, the club’s interactions are a testament to LFC’s phenomenal worldwide expansion and the originality and creativity of its organic content.

According to the most recent social data from Blinkfire Analytics, which spans all key platforms, Instagram is the most engaged channel for the Reds overall. Facebook, X, TikTok, and Instagram are all included. Emotional experiences, like Liverpool supporter Dáire Gorman’s visit to the AXA Training Centre and humorous team meetings on World Earth Day, accounted for almost 61% of the 1.5 billion engagements on Instagram.

With 186 million followers across all channels, the club’s programming is constantly evolving. The Reds have the most worldwide viewership across all European football league and cup matches played at home. According to data from Nielsen, the club’s total global TV audience from 2023–2024 was 415 million. On home turf alone, LFC is the most-watched team in the league.

Last Monday, the Reds joined an exclusive club of YouTube producers with a Diamond Play Button—ten million subscribers—and became the first Premier League team to attain this milestone.

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