How to Use Sportsbook Moneyline for NFL Betting

How to Use Sportsbook Moneyline for NFL Betting

Last updated on July 31st, 2021 at 02:09 pm

When players think about NFL betting, most of them choose point spread. It is the most common way to wager on football games. However, it is not the only way. You also need to know about the sportsbook moneyline for NFL betting.

The moneyline is something that even casual football fans should understand. It is a betting option that you should include in your NFL betting arsenal. However, many players stay away from moneyline because they don’t know how to read the lines.

The PPH sportsbook software balances the line. Unlike the point spread that you only need to bet on which team would win the game, moneyline odds change the prices for the underdogs and favorites.

Sportsbook Moneyline for NFL Betting

How to Use Sportsbook Moneyline for NFL BettingSuppose that you are wagering on an underdog that is not getting exactly a field goal on the point spread. Don’t bet on the slight underdog if there’s no chance that the team can cover the single field goal.

However, the risks are acceptable that you are wagering on a slight underdog for a situation like this, especially if you feel that they are simply going to lose by one. However, if you believe that they have a decent shot at winning the game, bet on the slight underdog.

Assuming you didn’t feel that, your bet wouldn’t bode well. However, for a situation, appreciate that the moneyline bode well than the point spread. According to sportsbook pay per head experts, you will lose in the moneyline if the team wins by a couple of points. However, in return for facing that slight additional challenge, you get an opportunity at a more pleasant result.

For the most part, the point spread would be valued at – 110, yet the moneyline for a similar group would be something like +120. That is a massive contrast in likely result and would surely be alluring on the off chance that you thought there was a decent possibility that the underdog wins.

That concludes our sports betting guide on NFL moneylines. Make sure you read our other sports betting tutorials to improve your chances of making a profit.