Contest Marketing Ideas to Attract New Players

Contest Marketing Ideas to Attract New Players

Contest marketing is an excellent way to attract new players. Also, it gives you a way to collect information about your player base. The idea of giving away prizes may seem like an expensive concept for a small bookie business. However, contest marketing ideas can effectively foster loyalty among players.

Like other online marketing campaigns, contest marketing comes in different forms. You must understand the various contest marketing forms to find the right one that works best for your bookie business.

Contest Marketing Ideas

Contest Marketing Ideas to Attract New PlayersOne contest you can offer to potential and existing players is a photo contest. Anyone with an Instagram and several seconds to space can easily submit an entry. Also, it provides you with user-generated content that you can reuse elsewhere.

You can also have a poll where respondents qualify for a raffle. Polls and voting contests get a lot of entries because they only need a click of a button. What’s good about polls is that you can use the data gathered to create a study. Also, you can create a blog post from the information.

One way to market your contest promo is to post them on sports betting solutions forums and websites. People interested in sports betting can find your contests and join them. It will also appeal to people who want to learn how to be a bookie.

Also, you create a relevant hashtag for the contest. That way, you can easily track it on social media. Make sure you make the hashtag unique to the contest. Also, having a hashtag will make it easier to share the contest. The more people who know about it, the better it is for your campaign.

Here are some contest marketing ideas that you should consider when you create a sportsbook. Follow our guide and attract players through contests.