Managing Your Sportsbook

manage your sportsbook

Getting a good sports betting software is one of the best things a would-be bookie could do in managing your sportsbook. Your software, after all, will serve as your office as a bookie. Likewise, it will also have a shop of sorts, which is the site for your players to use. So getting the best provider is crucial.

This is where a pay per head provider comes in. They provide you with the software you will need, as well as the website where your players can bet on. You are charged a very reasonable fee per week for each active player you have. It’s the most logical solution to a bookie’s needs, and you can find a selection at a pay per head directory.

Managing Your Sportsbook

managing your sportsbookOnce you have your software settled, you need to manage your book. Here are the most important features you need to keep an eye out regularly.

Moving Your Lines

Your pay per head provider will give you access to betting lines, so it will be a lot easier on your end. A good feature to have, is the ability to adjust your lines to fit your action. If you know your players and their habits well, you can easily customize your betting lines to offer competitive rates and maximize profit as well.

Set Betting Limits

When you have your pay per head sportsbook set up, you will be able to create and edit player profiles. But as the bookie, its your job to set the betting and credit limits of your players. You can set limits across the board and standardize it, to simplify things, or you can also adjust each player’s limits individually. Either way, capping the betting limits safeguards your action and ensures you can balance your book easier.

Dealing with Excess Action

Line movement and betting limits are there to protect your sportsbook from losing money. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you will have an event that is so imbalanced, and you need to offload the excess betting action. You can do this by using a layoff account, or by transferring the action to another bookie. Of course, this is risky, but it still prevents you from a guaranteed loss if things go bad.