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Be a Successful Bookie with our Bookie Pay Per Head Software

Clear any notion in your head that bookies are men in suits ready to beat up anyone who does not pay. Its a stereotype that is so far from reality. Of course, you can wear suits if you want to, but you can also run your sportsbook in your pj’s with a good bookie pay per head software. Our sportsbook pay per head software is designed to deliver any and all of the modern-day bookie’s needs, at an affordable rate.

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The Right Pay Per Head Bookie Solutions For You

The main goal of our pay per head software is to provide bookies with a complete set up for their sportsbook operations. Furthermore, you can learn how to easily make a bookie website with our software that will serve two purposes. One, is for your bookie needs. This means being able to create profiles for players, and manage their limits. You also get reports on each player so you have all the information you need to know how to operate your sportsbook. Second, is for your players to have a site where they will be able to see all of the wagering options. They can also place bets, deposit money, and claim winnings securely and in a quick manner.

How to Start a Bookie Business in Asia with a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

pay per head softwareThe best sports betting software for your bookie operation can be set up in three easy ways:

1. Sign Up. We won’t ask for personal information, we won’t charge you a deposit. We just want to give you your log in credentials.

2. Create Profiles. This is where you can configure your players’ profiles. This includes credit limits, wagering limits, and which wagering options they can access. In addition, the best part, is that this personalization can be done per player. You also won’t have a hard time doing this, since our dashboard was designed to be used easily.

3. Set your lines, and monitor your players. Again, this is all automated. This means you just need to quickly generate the reports and see which needs some tweaking.

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What is a Pay Per Head?

A Pay Per Head (PPH) is a business model which allows bookie to take sports wagers without having to buy an expensive software.  This is done by paying a Pay Per Head Company a fee to use their Sports betting platform and resources. The fee is paid on a weekly basis for each active customer a bookie has. An active customer or active player is a person that has made at least 1 wager during a given week. Thus, this business model is known as pay per head or pay per player.

In exchange for the weekly fee, the bookie will get access to the pay per head software which will allow them to manage their sportsbook business.