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Sportsbook SoftwareWe designed four sportsbook software to be flexible. It can cope with the vast demands of the sports betting industry today. Whether you have a small sportsbook or a large bookie business, you can use our software to run the operation.

Our sports betting software can offer all types of sports events. Our goal is to provide the best odds and lines to help your sportsbook grow in no time. Also, our in-game betting offers are second-to-none. Our team ensures you’ll get the best services at an affordable rate.

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Sportsbook Software for Gambling Operators

The best thing about our software is that it is omnichannel in design. You can access the dashboard through a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Also, it gives you complete control of the event feeds.

You can access all betting activity within the dashboard. It shows you all the liabilities. Also, it allows you to manage risks across all channels in a single place. Also, your players will see a consistent experience as they wager on different sports.

Sportsbook Solution Features

Sportsbook SoftwareHere are the key features of our sportsbook software:

  • Turnkey Solution – We offer a complete sportsbook software solution that includes UI design, hosting, branding, risk management, and customer support. Our software allows the bookie business to go live within hours of signing up for the service.
  • Unique Design – Our white label software allows you to have a personalized front-end that incorporates the sportsbook’s branding. There’s no need to hire a separate web designer for the bookie business.
  • Mobile-Friendly – The sportsbook will look good no matter what device you use to access it. The responsive sports betting platform will allow players to navigate sports events and access their accounts.
  • Easy to Use – Our sports betting software is easy to use. The administrator panel allows you to manage all aspects of the sportsbook. You can monitor lines and players’ activities. Also, it generates reports to keep you informed about what’s happening with the finances and players.
  • Wide Range of Markets – Our bookie software provides a wide range of sports betting options from popular sports leagues to obscure tournaments worldwide. Also, the software has various data feeds that allow it to cater to every possible wager a sports event has to offer.
  • Flexible – Our pay per head sportsbook software can scale according to the demand. Whether you have five or a hundred players, the software can handle it without wasting resources. Also, you only pay for active players each week.
  • Modern Security Features – Our sportsbook software runs on a secure platform to ensure third parties can’t access the sports betting data. The servers have firewalls and load balancers to ensure they are running 99.99 percent of the time.
  • Top Class Customer Support – We provide 24/7 customer service. Our staff can help you with any issue you encounter. They can also guide you on how to open a sportsbook.
  • Affordable Price – Our bookie software is part of the pay per head solution. You’ll pay for every active player each week.

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