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casino pay per headOpening your very own casino is now made very affordable, thanks to our Pay Per Head Casino software. When you create your casino, you would traditionally need to either develop your own casino games, or outsource this at expensive prices. But nowadays, owning your very own casino is doable- and very affordable.

By choosing the best pay per head casino service, you will be able to offer your players a very enjoyable online gaming experience. And because we at Sports Betting Solution Asia believe in giving you a full stack of gambling products, you will also be getting a racebook, as well as your very own sportsbook pay per head software.

Open a Sportsbook for only $5 per Player

Easy to Use Casino Pay Per Head Services

Our online casino software makes it very easy to start your own online casino. We have streamlined the whole process, so you will not be bogged down by unnecessary procedures and delays. Opening your own casino is as simple as these three steps:

  1. Sign Up. Nothing speaks about the quality of our product than our very own software- which is why you get 14 free days to try out, and set up your very own online Casino. Just create your log in credentials and you are good to go!
  2. Configure Your Players’ Profiles. Our software has a very simple process where you can create user profiles for your players. Here, you can set parameters like access and contact information, credit and wager limits, and the type of casino games they can play.
  3. Manage Your Casino. It is truly as simple as it sounds. Our software works on its own, so you do not need to configure anything daily. You can use our free casino management tools to view your casino activity, and be able to see which players’ profiles will need adjusting.

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