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Gambling Software you can trustWhen getting into sports betting, most people look for sportsbook software and focus on sports betting alone. However, what many don’t realize, is that a gambling software covers a whole lot more than just that. Therefore, it is imperative for successful bookies to use a versatile gaming software that can cover it all. Our gambling software features sports betting, racebook, online casinos, and more.

The gambling platform is the ultimate sports betting solutions for bookies large and small. While it is a solid solution for sports betting, it has a lot more to offer than just that. This is becuase it also provides a top of the line racebook solution that covers all major racetracks around the world. Our product offerings will allow you to earn more by offering your players other gambling markets.

This includes a fully functional online casino with no download. Thus, your players players can enjoy playing poker, blackjack, slot machines and most popular casino games while they wait to bet on sports. However, that is not all as it also includes a live dealer casino at no extra charge.


Top Quality Features at A Good Price Point prides itself in offering only the newest, and the best gambling and betting software in the market. Our sportsbook software offers the best wagering options in the market. All of our gambling options: sports betting, racebooks, and online casinos, are made with the latest technology, using a modern and attractive layout that appeals to your players. Given our price point and the gambling solutions we offer, you get more value for your money, which leads to more profit for you.

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Live Betting

“Give your players the ability to bet on games as the action unfolds”. More details

Sports Betting

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Pre Game Lines

“Our Pre Game lines give you competitive and updated sports betting odds”. More details

Horse Racing

“Let your players bet on all major horse racing tracks around the world”. More details

Online Casino

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Live Dealer Casino

“Your players will thank you for giving them a full casino interactive experience with real live dealers”. More details