Prop Bet Builder Software

prop bet builderGet only the best sportsbook pay per head features with Sports Betting Solution Asia’s Prop Bet Builder Software. Our proposition bet builder gives your players more gambling options that you can earn from. This is one of the latest features that bookies offer to their players – this exclusive feature is not available with other sports betting software providers.

Prop Bet Builder Software and Platform

Our Player Prop bet builder allows your players to create their own proposition bets, or prop bets. This gives them the freedom to customize their very own wager. Of course, as a bookie, this gives you the possibility of offering hundreds of new gambling options. This is a perfect opportunity for you to offer something new to your players. And for you, its a new way you can earn more as a bookie!

The prop bet builder is already integrated into your sportsbook pay per head software, so you won’t have a hard time getting this set up. This particular feature also makes use of a state-of-the-art algorithm that will instantly calculate and display the odds available. With minimum effort, you can bring in more profit for your sportsbook.

What we think you will like the most, is that aside from already being included in the bookie software, its also included in your $5 per head fee! You are now getting even more bang for your buck with our player prop bet builder feature.

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