Government Implements Stricter Casino Measures in Queensland

Government Implements Stricter Casino Measures in Queensland

Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 06:35 pm

The Queensland government introduced comprehensive measures that improve overall integrity. The stricter casino measures in Queensland aim to prevent situations like the scandal involving The Star.

The government introduced the “Casino Control and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023” in response to The Star Entertainment Group’s regulatory oversights. Also, suggestions include regular investigations of casino-affiliated groups, limits on cash usage, mandatory play breaks, and stricter technology adoption. It is vital to know the new regulations after learning how to open a casino in Queensland.

The Hon. Robert Gotterson undertook an in-depth investigation of The Star’s regional operations and found significant regulatory infractions; his 12 recommendations form the basis of proposed legislation in Queensland. According to experts of online casinos, these adjustments are a part of the government’s continuous effort to strengthen casino regulation and monitoring.

The primary goals of the new legislation are to prevent money laundering and lessen the harmful effects of gaming. According to casino news reports, some of the measures being considered would limit players’ access to cash and require breaks in play to promote responsible gambling. In addition, some of these measures are like those used by other Australian jurisdictions in their fight against problem gambling.

Stricter Casino Measures in Queensland

Government Implements Stricter Casino Measures in QueenslandTo ensure taxpayers are not on the hook for the cost of regulating casinos, the measure also establishes a supervisory charge on casino licensees. Also, casinos can face up to $100 million in penalties for the harmful impact of gaming, under legal revisions implemented last year.

Yvette D’Ath, Queensland’s Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, underlined that the revisions were an essential component of the state’s long-term goal to enhance the industry’s governance and protect operators’ and players’ interests. Executives face new responsibilities and consequences for breaking rules.

New information shows that gamblers in Queensland quickly burned through more than AUD5 billion ($3.2 billion). Thus, the planned regulation adjustments could not come fast enough. Though these new regulations are a positive development, the proliferation of slot machines is still a significant issue.

Legislators in Queensland hope the new law will aid in their ongoing attempts to reduce the harmful effects of gaming. Updates to specific regulations and more significant financing for nonprofits and schools are two examples of the government’s remarkable progress. The region can reduce addiction rates by implementing mandatory cashless gaming for purchases over $1,000.

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