Andrew Demetriou Named Adviser by Bookie Betr

Andrew Demetriou Named Adviser by Bookie Betr

Last updated on November 13th, 2022 at 05:15 am

It has been nine months since Andrew Demetriou resigned from the Crown Resorts board. Betr named him an adviser, bringing him back to the gambling industry. Thus, analysts wonder if it is a good idea since the sports betting company wants to enter the Australian market.

Based on Patricia Bergin’s report, Demetriou was incompetent as a member of the Crown Resorts board. Also, he tried to downplay the seriousness of the casino’s participation in money laundering. However, during the investigation, he answered questions with prepared notes.

Even though he said he didn’t require the notes resting on his lap, he spent most of his time during the session looking at his crotch.

Bookie Betr Named Demetriou as Adviser

Andrew Demetriou Named Adviser by Bookie BetrCompared to James Packer’s email from 2019 in which Demetriou stated that he was “committed to serving the best interests of Crown, and most importantly, you,” Demetriou’s assertion that he understood what it meant to be an independent director looked even stranger. Fortunately, Demetriou has demonstrated that he is immune to shame.

Despite this, it appears that Demetriou, who served as the head of the AFL. At the same time, revenue-sharing deals with bookmakers were negotiated. Moreover, he is not afraid to gamble again, as he confirmed to us on Wednesday that he had returned to the gambling sector as an adviser to Betr.

On its second day of operation last month, Betr lured the attention of the NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority. According to sportsbook pay per head sources, the agency investigated the company on whether its promotions broke the state’s laws on inducement. At the very least, the ILGA will not be required to go through any pointless introductions with Demetriou.

According to bookie pay per head reports, Betr gave up its $1 billion offer for Western Australia’s TAB a month ago. Still, the company was fortunate enough to avoid paying crazy odds on the favorite Deauville Legend in the Melbourne Cup.

Betr had a turbulent launch as it learned how to be a bookie in Australia. So it’s good that Demetriou is now in charge of ground control for them.

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