Bookies slashed Odds on UK White Christmas

Bookies slashed Odds on UK White Christmas

Last updated on November 26th, 2021 at 03:22 am

As the UK is preparing for heavy snowfall in the next few days, bookies slashed odds on a White Christmas this year. The upcoming cold snap could result in -11C in some places with five days’ worth of wintry conditions. Also, the weather bureau is expecting snow to follow soon.

November has been amazingly gentle. However, the Met Office is expecting a blast of snowy showers and frosty conditions to hit the UK toward December. As a result, William hill adjusted its odds for a white Christmas in the UK.

Leeds Bradford Airport holds the record for being the most elevated air terminal in the UK. It has a 3-1 odds for a White Christmas. Edinburgh and Glasgow followed at 10-3 and 7-2 separately.

Bookies Slashed Odds for White Christmas in the UK

Bookies slashed Odds on UK White ChristmasWith snow-filled Christmas-card scenes promoted for Northern conurbations, Liverpool (7-2), Newcastle, Manchester, and Birmingham (each of the 4-1) have all seen a massive fixing of their chances lately.

According to a bookie software report, Belfast (9-2) and Dublin (6-1) join London, Bristol, and Cardiff as the most unlikely to have a White Christmas this year. Yet even the most pessimistic scenario, Cardiff, has an 8-1 possibility. The last obvious white Christmas in the UK was in 2017.

The well-known hobby of wagering on a white Christmas was founded by William Hill sports betting brand and generally required a solitary snowflake to fall on the MET Office in London.

These days, and with that building since a long time ago sold – the public climate administration currently situated in Devon – everything necessary to announce a white Christmas is the perception of a solitary snowflake falling in the 24 hours of December 25, at one of 12 significant UK air terminals.

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