FanDuel Preparing for Illinois Bookie Launch

FanDuel Preparing for Illinois Bookie Launch

FanDuel is preparing for an Illinois bookie launch. The state is one of the most promising sports wagering markets in the US. It partnered with Boyd Gaming, which operates the Par-A-Dice Casino.

FanDuel should act right away. Governor JB Pritzker reinstated the order to allow remote registration. That means players don’t need to go to a casino for the in-person registration. They can complete their account application online.

Although FanDuel didn’t want to comment on their sportsbook plans in Illinois, they were found on their official website. However, you can’t visit the page because the company already removed it.

Illinois Bookie Launch

FanDuel Preparing for Illinois Bookie LaunchThe Illinois bookie launch page didn’t show many details about FanDuel’s upcoming sportsbook. Based on bookie software providers who saw the page, the company wants to launch the sports betting site before the start of the NFL season.

According to Sports Betting Solution Asia, FanDuel still needs to comply with several regulatory requirements. Also, Par-A-Dice doesn’t have a license to offer sports betting. On the other hand, FanDuel got a temporary operating license last July.

FanDuel needs to complete its requirements as soon as possible. Governor Pritzker reallowed remote registration for sportsbooks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. FanDuel, PointsBet, and DraftKings ramped up their preparations when the governor first suspended the in-person requirement last July. Also, the three gambling firms got their temporary operating permits at the same time in July.

During that time, only BetRivers had an online sportsbook. Thus, it was the only one that benefited from the remote registration. FanDuel might be able to get some players to register during that time because the regulators allowed companies to accept online registration after obtaining a license.

However, the governor decided to lift the suspension two weeks after. As a result, many sports bettors were wondering what the governor was thinking. The good news is that he reinstated his order. Thus, more players can register with their favorite bookie in the state, according to pay per head solutions experts.