Florida to Allow Statewide Mobile and Stadium Sportsbook Operations

Florida to Allow Statewide Mobile and Stadium Sportsbook Operations

Last updated on June 26th, 2021 at 09:53 am

Florida players can wager on sports via mobile and stadium sportsbook operations. That was according to the proposed ballot measure the state published Thursday. If voters approved the measure, people could wager sports at professional sports venues and pari-mutuel facilities.

Florida will join Arizona, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Illinois that allow in-stadium sports betting. Sports betting firms DraftKings and FanDuel support the proposed measure. Also, it would be part of the November 2022 ballot. Once approved, all tax revenues would go to Florida’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.

According to a sportsbook pay per head for agents, the measure denies bettors under age 21. In addition, the Florida Legislature would need to pass the following guidelines. A 2018 voting form measure disallows lawmakers from passing any casino gaming enactment without voter endorsement on the next choice. However, some lawful investigators accept sports wagering falls outside those limitations.

Mobile and Stadium Sportsbook Operations in Florida

Florida to Allow Statewide Mobile and Stadium Sportsbook OperationsFlorida Law requires almost 900,000 verified signatures, eight percent of votes in the previous presidential election. Once they collect the signatures, the measure will be part of the 2022 voting form. According to a sportsbook PPH source, the action likewise requires an eight percent limit in 14 Florida’s 27 current legislative districts.

Firms that want to start a sportsbook business in the state will begin gathering signatures after the Division of Elections formalizes the initiative. Whenever endorsed for the 2022 ballot, Florida law requires sixty percent supermajority support for the measure to pass.

The Florida Education Champions supports the initiative. Also, Tallahassee-based political expert David Johnson chairs the initiative. He worked for Senate Minority Whip John Thune and Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and U.S. Senate Minority Whip John Thune.

FanDuel and DraftKings spent millions of dollars to support sports betting initiatives across the U.S. Also, it contributed millions to the lobby for sports wagering in Florida.