Pay Per Head Report – Macau Casinos Close for Two Weeks Due to Coronavirus

Pay Per Head Report - Macau Casinos Close for Two Weeks Due to Coronavirus

Officials asked all 41 Macau casinos to be closed for at least two weeks. The move is to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the city. However, it will have a significant impact on the city’s economy. Also, casino operators will lose millions during the time they can’t operate.

According to bookie PPH records, ten people are suffering from the coronavirus. They are now under the care of health officials. One of them is a hotel worker at Galaxy Casino, which is the busiest gambling facility in the territory.

The coronavirus has killed 420 people in mainland China and one in Hong Kong. The single fatality outside of China was in the Philippines. Chief executive Ho Iat Seng told bookie pay per head software providers that it was a difficult decision to shut down Macau casinos. However, they need to do it for the health of the residents and guests.

Macau Casinos Closed

Pay Per Head Report - Macau Casinos Close for Two Weeks Due to CoronavirusAccording to white label bookie software reports, the worker with coronavirus shared casino cafeteria and shuttle buses with colleagues. It was a wake-up call for city officials. Ho said that Macau could bear the financial losses of the two-week casino shutdown.

The coronavirus has affected investors and companies across the globe who depend on China for its manufacturing industry. Auto companies, such as Ford, General Motors, and Nissan, temporarily closed their factories in China.

Cathay Pacific, the largest airline company in Hong Kong, announced it reduced flights going to the mainland. American Airlines suspended its flights from Dallas-Fort Worth and LA to HK.

The majority of China shut down due to coronavirus. Ground zero for the virus was Wuhan, where thousands of people were diagnosed suffering from it. Worldwide economic outlook will depend on how the country can bounce back from the pandemic.

In Macau, officials advised residents to stay inside their homes. Also, the local government suspended basic public services starting Tuesday. It is the first time a shut down like this happened in the former Portuguese territory.