Online Super Bowl Betting Transactions Hit Almost 15,000 Per Second

Online Super Bowl Betting Transactions Hit Almost 15,000 Per Second

Last updated on February 17th, 2024 at 10:05 am

Online Super Bowl betting increased this year. Also, most players waited a minute before the kickoff to place their bets. According to GeoComply, wagers during the weekend increased 22 percent from last year.

It handled over 122 million checks in 2018 across 28 of 29 states that allow online sports betting (except for Florida). The business uses geolocation, a foundational technology for internet betting in the US, to verify that players are physically present before approving their wagers.

The betting software records show how many times the business had to confirm a client’s location. More than 80% of all sports betting in the US takes place online, so it is probably a decent sign that people are betting at least a little bit.

Sunday night’s 25-22 victory over the 49ers gave the Kansas City Chiefs their second straight NFL championship. Online gambling is legal in several states, but only if the bettor is physically present within those borders. Geolocation technology integrates data from several sources, including mobile phones, software, hardware, and databases, to ascertain the precise position of a mobile device or computer attempting to place a wager.

Online Super Bowl Betting Transactions

Online Super Bowl Betting Transactions Hit Almost 15,000 Per SecondWhile it’s true that users may verify their location without placing a wager, many players frequently wager many times after logging in.

An increase of 15% from the previous year’s Super Bowl saw 8.5 million active accounts on GeoComply during the weekend. Almost 1.77 million new customers opened legitimate online betting accounts two weeks before the significant event.

With a 28% rise from the previous season, over 13.7 million new accounts have been acquired by users since the 2023–2024 NFL season began. Many others, as is customary, waited until the very last minute to make their wagers. The business announced a dramatic increase in traffic only minutes before kickoff, with roughly 15,000 transactions per second. This level nearly doubled last year’s record, making it the highest recorded on GeoComply’s systems.

The Super Bowl is the best time for bookies each year. Thus, you can open a sportsbook today to prepare for the next one. Also, we recommend looking at gambling software features when picking one for your betting site.

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