Pachinko Betting Gamblers Ignore Abe’s Emergency Order

Pachinko Betting Gamblers Ignore Abe’s Emergency Order

It looks like pachinko betting gamblers in Japan are ignoring Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo and other prefectures. There are still long lines outside parlors.

Pachinko is a $192 billion industry. Gamblers try to win money by playing pinball-like devices. However, it came under scrutiny after Abe’s order two weeks ago. Coronavirus cases continue to increase in Japan. As a result, Abe extended his state of emergency order nationwide.

Most non-essential establishments voluntarily closed or shortened their operating hours to follow the requests of the local government. However, there’s no penalty for not following the order. That’s why pachinko parlors continue their operations, according to pay per head services providers.

Pachinko Betting Gamblers Ignoring Social Distancing Order

Pachinko Betting Gamblers Ignore Abe’s Emergency OrderBased on sportsbook software reports, people go to the area where pachinko parlors are open. Some players even come from other prefectures to gamble. In a video call with regional governors, Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura promised he would come up with guidelines to make businesses comply with Abe’s order.

The best sports betting software learned from sources that pachinko parlors are operating in a legal gray area. They by-pass local anti-gambling laws by giving out prizes to winners. However, people can exchange rewards into cash outside the premises.

Japan is expecting more locals to travel during the Golden Week, which is a series of holidays from the end of April to the first week of May. The state of emergency ends on May 6. However, the Prime Minister can extend it if the coronavirus cases don’t go down.

Unlike other countries, Japan didn’t punish people who leave their home during the state of emergency. Japan is fortunate to avoid a surge in cases, as seen in other parts of the globe. However, the number of cases is increasing at a steady rate. Also, local tourists from urban areas can bring the virus to regions where the population tends to be senior citizens.