Suncity Denies Offshore Gambling Claims

Suncity Denies Offshore Gambling Claims

Chinese newspapers are accusing the Suncity Group of operating offshore gambling. The biggest Asian VIP casino operator denied offshore gambling claims. According to the allegations, the firm used proxies to allow online casinos to gain access to Chinese users.

According to Chinese media outlets, Suncity Group offered junket room guests in Macau access to offshore online casinos. As a result, the casino moved capital outside the country. The gambling company is quick to react to the offshore gambling claims. Also, they don’t want to fall out of grace with the state due to unfounded accusations.

In a statement, Suncity Group stated that it got its Junket Promoter License from Macau. In addition, it clarified that it doesn’t own any gaming and casino tables. Also, it doesn’t operate any online gambling firms.

Offshore Gambling Claims

Suncity Denies Offshore Gambling ClaimsSuncity said that its interest remains in promoting VIP gaming services, integrated resorts, and hotels. In fact, it told bookie pay per head solution providers that the information circulating in Chinese media is wrong.

The junket firm dismissed the claims as speculations. In addition, it said that the rumors damaged its reputation along with its shareholders. It is the first time a Chinese media outlet accused a junket operator of engaging in offshore gambling.

Gambling software analysts said it is too early to speculate the consequences of the events. However, it might be a warning to junket operators. They should stop their illegal offshore operations as soon as possible. Also, it can mean the government will step up its campaign against illegal online gambling firms.

Aside from its junket operations, Suncity Group invested in various businesses including Summit Ascent Holdings and Vietnam IR Hoian. The former owns Tigre de Cristal, a Russian casino property. Suncity Group told sports betting software providers that it will seek legal actions to protect its reputation.