US Open Cup-MLS Saga – Who Controls American Soccer?

US Open Cup-MLS Saga – Who Controls American Soccer?

Last updated on March 1st, 2024 at 10:22 pm

Arthur Mattson is the chairman of the US Soccer Committee, supervising the Open Cup. However, he was frustrated after the tournament almost came to the brink of collapse. According to bookie pay per head reports, the US Soccer Federation has been planning the future of the century-old tournament.

Major League Soccer had considered pulling out of the 2024 event. In addition, the top brass of U.S. Soccer appeared prepared to make some concessions. According to Mattson, a long-time soccer official and former USSF board member, higher-ups told him to “stand down” when he attempted to negotiate a settlement. Midway through February, he resigned as chair of the Open Cup Committee. But it seems like U.S. Soccer CEO JT Batson thought it was necessary.

The 109th annual United States Soccer Open Cup will occur in 2024, and only eight of the twenty-six qualified teams from Major League Soccer (MLS) will be sent to the tournament. Batson and others mediated this deal, and U.S. Soccer announced it on Friday. A mix of lower-tier professional and amateur clubs and eleven “MLS Next Pro” teams will compete—including nine MLS reserve teams.

The Open Cup will continue, albeit in a modified form. U.S. Soccer administrators twisted the Pro League Standards to satisfy the financial demands of one member to keep it going.

Who Controls American Soccer

US Open Cup-MLS Saga – Who Controls American Soccer?Because the sport’s power structure has changed in recent years, favoring the billionaires and commissioner who control Major League Soccer, they bowed because they had no other choice.

During the mid-December uprising, an existential crisis occurred for the federation that shook American soccer. The league’s owners approved sending MLS reserve clubs to the 2024 Open Cup. In responding to what two seasoned stakeholders called the “ultimate question”—Who owns the sport, the billionaires or elected representatives—US Soccer tacitly answered a provocative question.

Five days later, U.S. Soccer appeared to challenge MLS publicly. MLS was advised to refuse the request by U.S. Soccer to send reserve teams. USSF executives quietly promised to collaborate with MLS and others to change the Open Cup.

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