Las Vegas Casino Workers Agree with New Contracts

Las Vegas Casino Workers Agree with New Contracts

Last updated on November 25th, 2023 at 05:13 pm

Las Vegas casino workers in the Culinary and Bartenders Unions vote for 5-year deal with MGM, Caesars, and Wynn. It took the union seven months to compromise with the casino firms. Also, some of their concerns include increased salaries, better job security, and improved working conditions.

On Monday, a whopping 999 out of 1,000 employees backed the deal with Caesars Entertainment. Furthermore, the new five-year deal was accepted and ratified by 99% of the unionized workers with MGM Resorts on Tuesday. Finally, Wednesday saw the new contract approved and endorsed by 99% of Wynn Resorts’ employees. Voting followed months of challenging discussions and concerns regarding the biggest strike in the U.S. history of hospitality workers, and it verified that the unionized staff had succeeded.

Las Vegas Casino Workers Get New Contracts

Las Vegas Casino Workers Agree with New ContractsThe Culinary Union is still in talks with more operators in Sin City, even after the new five-year contracts for workers at Caesars, MGM, and Wynn were approved and accepted. According to casino pay per head experts, negotiations with around 24 independent and downtown Las Vegas casino operators continue to improve conditions for an additional 10,000 to 15,000 unionized workers in the casino and entertainment business.

The most recent announcement coincides with the Culinary Union’s 88th anniversary celebrations. Workers at Wynn, Caesars, and MGM have received a total of $2 billion in pay over the next five years, according to Ted Pappageorge, the union’s secretary-treasurer. He said the funds will stay in Las Vegas, helping local towns and neighborhoods because of this historic accomplishment.

In the first year of the new contract, employees in the hospitality and gambling industries would receive a 10% salary boost, according to Pappageorge. Wages would rise by 32% throughout the whole five-year contract. According to his calculations, unionized workers earn an average of $28 per hour. This rate will climb substantially under the new five-year deal, reaching $37 per hour (including perks). Pappageorge praised the entertainment and gambling industries for their commitment to employee investment.

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