Bookie Guide to the Final Four – A March Madness Preview

Bookie Guide to the Final Four – A March Madness Preview

The NCAA men’s basketball Final Four will take place on Saturday. As a bookie, you must prepare your sportsbook to optimize your profits during the event. Here is our bookie guide to the Final Four.

Teams in the Final Four

Bookie Guide to the Final Four – A March Madness PreviewMany pay per head bookie operators were surprised about Florida Atlantic Owls’ performance in the tournament. They had only three losses heading into the tournament. Thus, many fans were disappointed when the Selection Committee gave the team the 9th seed.

San Diego State got the fifth seed in the tournament. Its defense led them to the Final Four. You need to know what happens in the tournament to be an online bookie specializing in March Madness.

The University of Connecticut is the favorite. You might want to set max limits on the Huskies before the Final Four match. Also, UConn is a -130 favorite to win against the Hurricanes on Saturday and become the champions on Monday.

Lastly, it would be best if you did not ignore Miami. The Hurricanes came from behind to win against Texas in the Elite Eight game. Also, they upset Houston.

Bookie Guide to the Final Four

You still have time to start a sportsbook business for the Final Four. If you already have a sportsbook, we recommend setting max limits on the Hurricanes to win the UConn vs. Miami match straight up. Also, we suggest using your layoff account if one side attracts more action.

The Owls vs. Aztecs match will be the best defense against a good offense. We expect a low-scoring ball game if San Diego State brings its A-game. Thus, we suggest setting the max limits on Florida Atlantic to win the match.

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